How To Unlike All Facebook Pages At Once

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What Is Facebook Page Unlike Tool

Facebook page unlike tool can help you to unlike all Facebook pages within minutes. It works on all Facebook accounts. You can use Facebook page unlike tool on unlimited Facebook accounts for free. Facebook Page Unlike tool is a free tool. It is made for helping you to unlike all Facebook pages. It simplifies the process of removing and unliking all the Facebook Pages at once.Facebook page unlike tool is made with JavaScript and jquery.

Why to use Facebook Page Unlike Tool

If you have liked hundreds or thousands of Facebook pages then your news feed gets filled with page posts and you can’t see all the status updates posted by your friends. Facebook Page unlike tool will help you in cleaning your news feed and improving your news feed experience.
We are not allowed to like more than 5000 Facebook pages per account, so if you reached this limit then you need to unlike some Facebook pages to like new Facebook pages. In such scenario, Facebook page unlike tool is the best way to remove all the liked pages from your account.

How To Use Facebook Page Unlike Tool

Facebook Page Unlike tool is easy to use. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps listed below.
Download and install Facebook Social Toolkit form chrome web store Log in into your Facebook account
Start Facebook Social Toolkit by clicking on Facebook social toolkit icon
Click on unlike all pages button and then click on OK button. For more information, watch the
video tutorial given below :

Video tutorial on How to unlike all Facebook pages at onceĀ