How To Suggest Your Facebook Friends To Add Another Friend

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Suppose, your new friend recently joined Facebook and you want to let other friends send him a friend request. In this scenario you will use suggest feature of Facebook to suggest your friend to add your new friend. But, this can take a lot of time to manually do this. To solve this issue, we made suggest your friends to add another friend tool that will save your time by suggesting your friends to add your new friend.

Why We Made Suggest Your Friends To Add Another Friend

When a new friend joins facebook he has no friends, to help him make new friends we made suggest your friends to add another friend tool, this will save your time and help your new friend to make new friends.

How To Use Suggest Your Friend To Another Friend Tool

Make sure you have installed Facebook Social Toolkit chrome extension on your chrome web browser. If you don’t have installed it then you can look for Facebook social toolkit on chrome web store. After installing it, make sure you have ID of your friend’s account that you want to suggest to other friends, you can find your friend ID by using facebook ID extraction tool.  or you can do it manually as well, just search for “How to ID of Facebook profile” on Google. After you have done this follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Click on Facebook Social Toolkit icon to start Facebook Social Toolkit
  2. Select suggest friends to another friend tool from free tools drop down menu, a screen similar to the screenshot given below will appear.
    Suggest your friends to add another friend
  3. After, that you need to enter profile ID of Facebook friend that you want to suggest to other friends. For extracting ID of your friend’s account, Please use Facebook ID extraction tool.
    suggest friends
  4. Enter a suitable delay time of 50+ seconds between suggestions
  5. Click on “Suggest Your Friend” button to start process. Allow Facebook social toolkit to iterate over all profile IDs to complete the suggestion process.

If you facing any problem in using this tool , or have any suggestions to improve this tool then let us know in the comments section.

Video tutorial on How to suggest all Facebook friends to add another friend