How To Remove All Facebook Page Likes

Facebook account

Fake likes can decrease your Facebook page reach, to remove fake likes from a Facebook page. We made this tool and increase Facebook page reach.

How To Use “Remove Facebook Page Likes”

Make sure that you are already an admin of the Facebook page, if you are not an admin then this tool will not work. Also make sure that you already have installed Facebook Social Toolkit Chrome extension on your chrome web browser.

A. Switch as a Facebook page (make sure you are admin)

B. Run this tool on homepage of your Facebook page, for example

  1. Click on Facebook Social Toolkit icon to start Facebook Social Toolkit.
  2. Select “Remove Facebook Page Likes” tool from drop down menu.
  3. Enter page ID of Facebook page to remove page likes
  4. Select direction of removing Facebook page likes.
  5. Enter number of Facebook page likes to remove from a Facebook page.
  6. Click on “remove Facebook page likes” button to start removing page likes.
  7. Click on stop button to stop the process in middle.

Video tutorial on How To Remove All Facebook Page Likes At Once