How To Post On Multiple Facebook Groups At Once

Facebook account

Post on multiple groups is specially designed for avoiding a Facebook penalty and It is far better than any other group posting tool.

More than once group posting tools are included in Facebook Social Toolkit chrome extension.

  1. Post on multiple groups tool uses Facebook Graph API for making posting requests, this means your account is protected from getting banned or locked by Facebook spam detection system.
  2. Group posting tool posts links with preview
  3. Group posting tool works on all Facebook accounts.
  4. Can posts on hundreds of groups at a time
  5. Select custom delay between posting requests
  6. Select a custom starting number for Facebook Groups
  7. Informs you when an access token gets invalid
  8. Allows you to enter custom message for posting.
  9. Simple to use, easy to handle
  10. Facebook social toolkit is far better than any other group posting
  11. tool available in the market, it is highly recommended tool

Given below is a video tutorial explaining Facebook Social Toolkit Group Posting tool.

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