How To Post On All Pages Liked By Facebook User

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What is “Post On Liked Pages By Facebook User”

Some Facebook pages allow users to post on their feed. Posts shared on feed of Facebook pages can sometimes help to share your message to wide number of Facebook users.
“Post On Liked Pages By Facebook User” tool automates the process of sharing posts on all liked pages.

How To Use Post On Liked Pages Tool

Make sure you have installed Facebook social toolkit chrome extension on chrome web browser and logged into your Facebook account, then follow simple steps given below:

1. Click on Facebook Social Toolkit Icon to Start Facebook Social Toolkit.
2. Select post on liked pages tool from premium tools section
3. Enter your message and link in the input fields.
4. Enter a suitable delay time in between posting requests.
5. Click on submit button to share your message on multiple pages.

Common errors:
1. Invalid delay time:
User need to enter a positive number as delay time to fix this error.

2. Invalid message:
Make sure message field is not blank, if it is blank then enter a new message in input field to fix this error.

To avoid wrong use of this tool, This tool is limited only for premium users. To use this tool, please purchase premium version.

video tutorial: