Facebook ID Extraction Tool

We have fixed this tool to work properly with new Facebook Graph API.

How to Use

  1. Enter  URL of Facebook group, page or profile
  2. Click on Extract IDs button

Using this tool, you can get

  1. Facebook Group ID
  2. Facebook Page ID
  3. Facebook Profile ID
  4. Facebook Event ID
  5. Facebook Group Post ID
  6. Facebook Event Post ID
  7. Facebook Page Post ID
  8. Facebook Note ID
  9. Facebook Video ID
  10. Facebook Photo ID
  11. Comments on Facebook Post ID
  12. Facebook Group Username
  13. Facebook Profile Username
  14. Facebook Page Username
  15. Facebook Group IDs Without Usernames


  1. Can not get Profile IDs of Facebook profiles that are not publicly visible
  2. Can not get Group IDs of Facebook that have a username

If you want to remove these limitations, then please consider using built in ID extraction tool of Facebook Social Toolkit Chrome Extension.

Facebook id extractor will allow you to extract group ID, page ID , profile ID

Embed this tool to your web site using HTML code given below :

<iframe src=”http://fst.getmyscript.com/webtools/facebook_id_extractor/” width=”100%” height=”500″ scrolling=”yes” class=”iframe-class” frameborder=”0″></iframe>

  • Don Vincent

    This tool is not working on any of my pages that I am the creator and admin of. I have followed your steps but i continue to get an error saying that I need to be doing htis on a page and one that I am a admin of. Please help. I am using the Chrome Extension downloaded yesterday.

  • Steven B

    The Chrome extension doesnt look anything like the videos and Im unable to extract any emails from any group I am an admin on. I have since emailed support and will report back once I get a reply. As of now, I did buy the premium but its unworkable

  • can you all a download all ids button ?

  • Chris Wingfield

    It doesn’t appear to do anything that I wanted it too….. Can you advise on the subject incolved. Thanks

  • Will Leathers

    What happened to the option that allows you to tag all group members to your post?

  • disqus_JkJCdN2Bf3

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  • Rubi Takina

    send message to all friends doesnt work ,but u never talk about it dear

  • Rubi Takina

    please answer us about sending message to friends ,it doesnt work