Facebook ID Extraction Tool

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We previously made Facebook ID Extraction Tool but it is not able to extract IDs from Secret Facebook groups and unpublished Facebook pages. It was not capable of extracting post ID of private Facebook.

To extract any Facebook ID of any graph API node it was necessary to make ID extraction tool using a client side script (because secret group IDs and post IDs can’t be extracted publicly using graph api)

Facebook ID extraction tool

Facebook ID extraction tool

This tool can extract, Group ID,Group post ID, Event ID, Event post ID, Page ID, Profile ID, Profile Post ID , Page ID, Photo Id, Video ID, if there is any problem in this tool please.

How To Use Facebook ID Extraction Tool

Make sure you have installed Facebook Social Toolkit Chrome Extension on chrome web browser, also make sure that you are logged into your Facebook account, then follow simple steps given below:

1. Enter link of Facebook profile/post/group/page/event/ from where you want to extract ID
2. Click on Extract ID button to extract ID button, extension will show you extracted result.

If you don’t want to use Facebook Social Toolkit chrome extension for getting Facebook IDs then you can use our online app which does the same thing.