How To Transfer Multiple Facebook Groups Using Facebook Group Transfer Tool

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What Is Facebook group transfer tool? Facebook group transfer tool is ultra easy way to to Join thousands of Facebook groups in less time. You can use Facebook group transfer tool for transferring groups from one account to another account.

Suppose account A has 500 groups and you want to transfer these groups into your friend’s account then you can transfer them easily with Facebook group transfer tool.

Why To Use Facebook Group Transfer Tool

Facebook users are not allowed to join many groups at a time. Joining many groups is a painful process and needs a lot of time and efforts to join many groups manually. Facebook group transfer tool allows you to join thousands of Facebook groups in less time and simplifies the process of joining many groups. After joining these groups you can share your links and information on them. Thus it can help you in posting on many groups and promoting your links.

How To Use Facebook Group Transfer Tool

Download and install Facebook Social Toolkit from chrome web store Log in into your Facebook account and start Facebook social toolkit Click on Facebook Group Transfer button to start Facebook group transfer tool

Enter your premium license key that you received after purchasing Facebook group transfer tool Enter ID of your friend’s account where your want to transfer your groups.

Enter a suitable delay time and click on Transfer groups button. Facebook group transfer tool will transfer all the groups from first account to the second account. For avoiding Facebook ban, it is recommended to enter a large delay time of 10 to 20 seconds. To get more information on working of Facebook group transfer tool,please watch the video tutorial given below

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