How To Transfer Ownership Of Your Facebook Groups To Your Friend

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Facebook Group Admin Transfer allows you to transfer ownership of your groups to your friend.

Why we made this tool

Facebook group admin transfer is useful tool when you want to transfer ownership of facebook groups in less time. It can save your time while transferring ownership to multiple accounts.

How Facebook Group Admin Transfer Works

  1. First, Facebook group admin transfer adds your friend as a group member.
  2. After that, Facebook group admin transfer makes your friend as group admin. This makes your friend a group admin.
  3. Facebook group admin transfer iterates over all group ids to transfer all groups.

How To Use Facebook Group Admin Transfer Tool

To transfer group ownership to your friend, you should have id of friend’s account.

You can extract id of your friend’s account using his profile URL , for doing this you can use Facebook ID extraction tool or you can do it manually.

Follow the steps given below to use Facebook Group Admin Transfer Tool

  1. Start Facebook Social Toolkit
  2. Select Group Admin Transfer Tool From the drop down menu
  3. Enter ID of your friend to which you want to transfer your group ownership
  4. Enter a suitable delay time , (60 second or more)
  5. After entering everything, click on transfer groups button
  6. Allow facebook group admin transfer to iterate over all group IDs to transfer ownership of all facebook groups.

Who Can Use Group Admin Transfer Tool

We don’t want our tool to be used in wrong way. Therefore, group admin transfer tool is reserved for premium users. If you want to use this tool you can purchase our premium version.

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