How To Extract IDs Of Your Facebook Friends

Facebook account

This Tool allows you to extract IDs of your Facebook Friends. IDs of your Facebook friends can be used for analyzing your Facebook profile. List of IDs generated using this tool is separated by commas, it can be saved as a .csv file for further processing.

How to use Extract Friend IDs

Make sure you already have installed Facebook Social Toolkit on your chrome web browser, Facebook Social Toolkit can be downloaded from chrome web store. Also make sure that you are logged into your Facebook Account, after that follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Click on extension icon to start Facebook Social Toolkit.
  2. Select “Extract Friend IDs” from drop down menu.
  3. Click on Extract Friend IDs button to start extracting friend IDs

Error message: Please wait Until Friend-list extraction is complete

It may take a significant amount of time for Facebook Social Toolkit to extract Friend IDs if your friend list is big. Please wait until friend list extraction is complete to use this tool. You should have at least one friend to use this tool.