How To Extract Facebook User Likes

Facebook account

“Extract Facebook User Likes Tool” Gives you a complete list of pages liked by user running this tool. This allows you to create a list of liked pages.

How To Use Extract Facebook User Likes Tool

  1. Click on extension icon to start Facebook Social Toolkit
  2. Select “Extract Facebook User Likes” tool from premium extraction tools section.
  3. Click on extract user like button to get a list of IDs of Facebook Pages Liked by user.

The result of extraction is similar to the screenshot given below:

List of User Likes

List of User Likes

Error Message: Please wait until page likes extraction process is completed

A user can like many Facebook pages depending on the number of pages liked by Facebook user it may take significant amount of time for our tool to extract page likes.

Error Message: Unable to detect page likes

If user have not liked any Facebook page then it is not possible for our tool to extract page likes.