How To Extract Facebook Group Member IDs

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Why To Use Facebook Group Member ID Extraction Tool

1. This tool allows you to export list of group members to a text file. List of account IDs can be used for analyzing group members.

2. List of member IDs can be used to retrieve more information about Facebook accounts, such as username, email or profile picture of group members.

3. Online tools and Facebook apps can violate your privacy , it is better to use client side script to securely extract group member IDs. Online tools can extract only 5000 member IDs due to limitation of Facebook graph API, our tool extend this limit to 8000 group members.

How To Use Facebook Group Member ID Extraction Tool

Make sure you are member of Facebook group from where you want to extract group member IDs, also make sure that you already have installed Facebook Social Toolkit Chrome Extension on your homeroom web browser. Make sure that you are already logged into your Facebook account.

1. Click on Facebook Social Toolkit icon to start Facebook Social Toolkit

2. Select Extract group member IDs from extraction tools section.

3. Enter Group ID of Facebook Group from where you want to extract group members, to get group IDs of public, closed and private groups, please use Facebook ID extraction tool (Facebook ID Extraction tool is already present in Facebook Social Toolkit Chrome Extension, please read about Facebook ID extraction tool to learn how to use it to get group ID)

4. After that , click on “Extract Group Member IDs” button.

5. Wait For “Extract Group Member IDs” tool to extract all group member IDs.

6. After extraction is finished, user will see a list of group member IDs as shown in the screenshot given below:

Extract Facebook Group Member IDs

Limitations of Group Member ID extraction tool

Group Member ID extraction tool can extract IDs of first 8000 group members from single group, it can not extract more than 8000 members from single Facebook group.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Can I use Extract Group Member ID tool on multiple groups?
Yes, this tool can be used on multiple groups, IDs of first 9000 members can be extracted using this tool.

To avoid bad use of this tool, Facebook Group Member ID extraction tool is reserved only for premium users, please purchase a premium version to use this tool.