How To Extract Facebook Group Emails To Post On Them

Facebook account

Facebook is a great place to share your messages. “Facebook groups” is yet another great product of Facebook that allows you to communicate with many group members across Facebook.

Sharing posts on your Facebook timeline is sometimes not enough to reach many people. Sharing your posts on groups is essential to get more attention, your posts will be read by many Facebook friends.

There are many Facebook groups related to single topic, this means we need to post on many groups to share our messages. Sharing your message on multiple groups can become a painful task and it can take a significant amount of time. This is where automation is useful to save your valuable time bandwidth required to post on multiple groups.

We already have made similar tool for posting on multiple groups that uses graph api for sharing a message, same results can be achieved if we use group emails for posting on groups.

How Facebook Group Emails Work

Facebook gave unique email address to almost all important graph API nodes, Facebook groups are one of them. Every Facebook Group has a unique username and graph id and also a unique Facebook email.

This Facebook Email is generally of the format “” or “

How To Collect Group Emails

To manually collect group emails, it can take a long time, to simplify this process, We have made  “Extract Facebook Group Emails” to to collect all email IDs of all Facebook groups in a single click. Given below is a screenshot of how extracted emails appear:

Extract Facebook Group Emails

These group emails are separated by “,” to make it easy to save it as a CSV file or paste it into Gmail or any other email tool.

How To Send Emails Using Extracted Email Ids

After email extraction is complete, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Log in into email account that you are currently using on your Facebook account.
  2. Compose a new email, enter required message and images to post on groups.
  3. Paste the collected emails in BCC field of email composer.
  4. Click on send button if everything is done.

Why Email Delivery Fails Sometimes

Some groups may not have a username and some groups may have disabled their Facebook emails, this is why email delivery  fails for some Facebook groups.