How To Extract IDs of Facebook Page Fans

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Page admins need to keep track of their valuable fan base , this can be done by analyzing user IDs. While running an ad campaign, page admins need to keep track of how many likes received and how many likes were removed.

Many people asked questions such as this one regarding to analyzing likes of a facebook page.
Facebook don’t have an option to directly analyze or export user IDs of Facebook profiles that liked your page.

There are many scripts available on the internet that are made for extracting User ids of page fans but they are outdated and not managed correctly.
To solve this problem we made “Extract Facebook Page Fans” that simplifies the process of extracting IDs of page fans and allows you to save them to a text file for further processing.

How To Use Extract Facebook Page Fans Tool

Make sure you already have Facebook Social Toolkit Chrome extension on your chrome web browser and you are currently logged into your Facebook account, after that follow the simple steps given below:

1. Before starting Facebook Social Toolkit, make sure you are acting as a page. TO switch to a Facebook Page, click on the arrow present in the right corner of your Facebook home page and select the page from the drop down menu.

switch as page admin


2. After switching as a Facebook Page, Start Facebook Social Toolkit chrome extension

3. Select Extract Facebook Page Fans from the drop down menu of the extraction tools column, after that you will see a screen similar to the screenshot given below:

Extract Facebook Page Likes

4. Now click on extract page fans button to start the extraction process, it might take some time for Facebook Social Toolkit to finish the extraction process, when extraction process is finished,m you will see an alert as shown in the screenshot given below:

Extract Facebook Page Fans IDS

In this way, user ids of page fans can be easily extracted from any Facebook page that you administer. This completes the tutorial on how to use Extract Facebook Page Fans IDS. If you have any other questions regarding to this tool or you need an improvement in this tool , then please ask them in comments.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why number of IDs extracted is less than total number of likes?

People are able to control who can see which content they’ve liked on Facebook. This means that Page Admins won’t be able to see a full list of people who have liked their Page. You may see new Likes, but this number usually does not reflect your total Like count since people can choose to share things differently.

To avoid incorrect use of this tool, this tool is reserved only for premium users. Make sure you already have purchased our premium version to use this tool, premium version can be purchased using the links given below:

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