Buy Premium Version Of Facebook Social Toolkit


Facebook Social Toolkit premium version gives you full access to all premium tools for lifetime without any limitations. You can buy premium version for flat one time fee of $9.

We continue to develop new tools for our users so number of paid tools will surely increase in future.

Frequently asked questions:

How To Use Premium Tools Provided In Facebook Social Toolkit

Learn more about premium tools by visiting links given below :

What payment methods are available?

Paypal ,Bitcoin, Instamojo, Bank Transfer

Where I will receive my login credentials after purchasing Premium Version?

if you buy with Paypal or Instamojo, your license key will be sent to you within 24 hours to your Payapl or Instamojo email, if you want to receive license key to different email then immediately contact developers using our contact form to receive license key on different emails.

Bitpay and Bitcoin payments can’t be tracked using email address, so if you use bitcoins form payments then you need to contact us with transaction ID and bitcoin address to receive license key for your custom email address.

How many people can use premium version?

Premium version login credentials can be used by single person and illegal distribution of login credentials is prohibited, we reserve the right to disable login credentials if they are used in wrong way.

How many computers I can use for single license key

Premium license key can be used on 5 computers at a single time and not more than that.If you are exceeding the limit of 5 computers then consider purchasing another license key.

How many Facebook Accounts I can use with Single License Key

Single license key can be used on maximum of 100 Facebook accounts and not more than that. If you are exceeding the limit of 100 accounts then consider purchasing another license key for other accounts.

For how long I can use premium version?

Login credentials can be used for lifetime after purchasing.

How to contact developers?

Anyone can contact us using our contact us page or by emailing us at

How To Change License Key or Set A Custom License Key ?

Users can change their license key by visiting and login in with their premium account details, if you lost your password or don’ t know your password then it an be reset with reset password page.

If you are not satisfied with premium version then you can claim your refund within 48 hours after receiving license key.

Some tools will not work but don’t worry, we will try our best to keep them up to date.

Payments are disabled because of perfomance issues.