How To Accept All Friend Requests At Once

Facebook account

Why we made this tool

Everyday we receive many friend requests. It is boring job to click on confirm buttons again and again, so in order to make this process more interesting we made accept all friend requests at once tool.

Steps to use accept all friend requests at once tool:

make sure that you have installed Facebook Social Toolkit chrome extension , you can do this by visiting this link.

  1.  Visit
  2. Start Facebook Social Toolkit by clicking on extension icon.
  3. Select accept all friend requests at once from menu items.
  4. Click on Accept all friend requests at once button.
  5. Facebook social toolkit will click on all confirm buttons for you and accept all friend requests.

If you want to reject all friend requests at once, then you should visit this link.

Leave your suggestions about this tool and always thanks for reading 🙂