How To Hide Seen In Facebook Messages

hide seen

Facebook Social Toolkit (version 2.3.1) and above allow you to disable seen for Facebook messages.

Using this background tool, you can block “seen” feature for Facebook messages so that no one will be able to know whether you have read the message or not.

How To Implement Facebook Authorship On Your Website

Facebook authorship is implement by adding a simple meta tag on your website. Facebook authorship meta tag used to display the name of author, publisher, editor or owner which is specified in authorship meta tag.

Screenshot given below explains how Facebook Authorship can help our audience to identify the name of author and his/her Facebook profile. As you can see name of owner is displayed along with page title.

Facebook Authorship


Facebook ID Extraction Tool

We have fixed this tool to work properly with new Facebook Graph API.

How to Use

  1. Enter  URL of Facebook group, page or profile
  2. Click on Extract IDs button